The ZONG Islamic App is an information based Android app that will allow you to get Islamic info on a daily and regular basis. The design philosophy of the app was to create a distinct app that could very easily create a place in the everyday routine of the followers of Islam. You can turn to the app for general info, specific info about a singular concept or Islamic teachings.

This app also includes a section for ‘Ullema k Beyanat’ where you can get access to selected bayanat from selected Mufti’s & Aalim’s known for their verbose and oratory skills.

There is also a ‘Live TV’ section which has 2 Islamic channels. • The Makkah channel • The Medinah channel

Another section in the app caters too, ‘Learn Islam’ this section has another 4 sub-sections in the app that are: • Quran & Translation (para-wise qirat and translation) • Basic Concepts of Islam (animated and easy to understand videos based on tafseer) • 99 Names of Allah • 99 Names of Mohammad (SAW)

Also in the app is the section of ‘Prophet Stories’. The sub-sections in this are: • Life of Prophet (has a creative new way to learn about seerat-un-Nabi) • Stories of the Companions of Mohammad • Hadeeth • Prophets of Allah (Qasas-ul-Anbiya)

Also featuring in this app is the, ‘Zikr-o-Naat’ section. This includes; • Naat, Qawwalli and Tasbeehat section (tasbeehat are the different masnoonduain that people like to pray)

The Islam for Kids section has stories for kids that are both moral and fun to read. Something for the children that causes them to read Islamic stories with excitement and learn about moral, ethical and Islamic values.

There is also a Qibla Finder utility in the app that has a Qibla compass that allows you to find the Qibla in any place. (Remember to calibrate it first)

Tools & Technologies

  • JSON
  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio
  • Gradle
  • Web Service
  • Realm