Looking for better way to take lesson notes so that when it comes to revision, completing homework or simply checking a reference, you have access to your notebook whenever and where you are? Then put down your pens and paper and start snapping with SnapLearn.


###SnapLearn’s features:

Voice Recording:

It could’t be easier. Simply take a photo and start voice recording to create your snap. Once you’re finished, SnapLearn will automatically sort and categorize your capture according to a work or schedule that you’ve outlined.

Think Together:

Share your notes with your friends or colleagues so whether you’re revising for exams, completing homework with classmates or collaborating on a project, you can combine forces to work together and cover all bases.

Intuitive Design:

Taking inspiration from easy to use lifestyle apps that are used habitually everyday, SnapLearn is based on the same basic principles of Snap, Save and Share.

Automated Organization:

Allow your notes to be automatically organized in a way that best suits you. Simply setup a schedule according to your timetable and let SnapLearn auto save your recording to these folders.

Find your notes quickly by searching within a subject category or use the dynamic search function to quickly find and bring up the recording you’re looking for.

Timetable Integration:

Allow your notes to be automatically organized in a way that best suits you. Simply set up a schedule according to your timetable, or edit the template already provided and let SnapLearn auto save your recordings to these folders.

Digitize your notes:

Cut out the time wasted spend on typing up notes you’ve already taken and instead, capture ideas as searchable snaps in seconds. Annotate notes with written thoughts or enhance them with voice recordings before autosaving and storing them intuitively according to your own subject timetable.

Share your notes to collaborate with others and maximize productivity when you’re looking to combine notes for revision, essay writing, completing home work assignments or comparing notes after a meeting or interview. It couldn’t be easier.

Learn or Work on the go:

As long as you have your phone and SnapLearn with you, you’ll take your notes wherever go! Choose where you work from.

Tools & Technologies

  • iOS SDK
  • Xcode
  • Realm
  • Fabric
  • RXSwift
  • Cocoapods
  • Video Recording
  • Google Analytics
  • OneSignal