Reel app is album and will managing app. User can create/share/follow public tutorial and create/share reels for family and freinds.

User can explore reel with AI. Reel app has 3 parts

Public Reel

User create and share tutorial with public. Tutorial is consist of videos and images. User can follow/unfollow reel, send friend request to user, search reel.

Private Reel

User create and share reel with family and friends. User can schedule reel for specific people .

Will Reel

User can record and save his/her will. After his/her death, this will will publish and can present as evidence in court.

Tools & Technologies

  • iOS SDK
  • Xcode
  • Swift 4.0
  • Realm
  • Fabric
  • Cocoapods
  • Parse
  • Firebase