Reel app is album and will managing app. User can create/share/follow public tutorial and create/share reels for family and freinds.

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Looking for better way to take lesson notes so that when it comes to revision, completing homework or simply checking a reference, you have access to your notebook whenever and where you are? Then put down your pens and paper and start snapping with SnapLearn.

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100 Lifestyle

100 Lifestyle is here to help you reach your health and fitness goals in the easiest way possible. The health and fitness industry is riddled with unsustainable diets and workout programs that are unrealistic to the ORDINARY person to maintain long term let alone over there lifetime

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The Memory App

The Memory App gives you instant recall of anything, anywhere on your phone. It makes you more efficient, less frustrated and more confident.

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Certified Lead Mobile(Android/iOS) apps/game developer | Software architect | Scrum master | Swift enthusiast | HCI Specialist | Story teller

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Karachi, Pakistan